New clothes make many happy but for me, retro, old, vintage, ‘dead lef’,  ‘ole bruk’, those worn by persons many decades before I was thought of, excite me, overwhelm and fill me with joy.

Clearly, I love thrifting.

Recently, I strolled into a thrift shop, in Mandeville, Jamaica,  and no sooner had I entered I started digging through mountains and hangers of second handed treasures. I dug through piles of old, dusty clothes.  I Sneezed. Paused.  Continued on my task.   Nothing spoke to me and I was disappointed until my friend who accompanied me pointed to a perfectly tailored suit.

I was in love!

But there was only one problem it was a suit tailored for a man.

I bought it, and for less than US $30, JM$3,000 dollars at that.

I’ve been having a ball styling it, and today I’ll share four ways I’ve done so with you.


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