If you are like me, chances are you are fed up with people who constantly brag about how talented they are, how their work is the best since remotes (or sliced bread) all this, while their reputation says otherwise.

I don’t know what you have said to such a person, but I have just two words “SHUT UP!”

Let you work speak for itself, it’s the only voice I want to hear.

This is the best advertising there is.

You could pay thousands of dollars for a billboard, television or radio commercial which most times drive new client seeking what you offer.  But if your service is sub-standard, the best public campaigns will not sustain your business nor keep those customers coming back.

What makes people seek you out and willing pay for your service is the quality of your work.

What is it that you do?  How do you do it? Whether you like it or not, whether it’s a whisper or a shout- your work is speaking up and it’s the real voice of reason.

It never lies, even if you do, the truth of your work will leak through the spaces between your words.

When you offer your customers the best, they will advertise, they will be your billboards, your radio and television advertising campaign managers.  Nothing boosts business like a pleased customer.

If your work sings your praises, prepare yourself for a client list no other advertising could get you.

Whether it’s a simple task or massive project, don’t boast about how well you can do it- SHUT UP, let your work do all the talking.

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  1. Shevii bless Reply

    Well said. I am sick and tired of people bragging of how kind they are and how nice and hardworking they are when their actions prove otherwise. I couldn’t have said it any better. (Y)


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