This year, much like the last I will not be DOING anything!

Is it because I have no goals? Maybe I’m lazy and just want everything to just fall on my lap.

Nope!  I wont be doing (future tense) anything, because it’s all being (present continuous) done NOW!

The future doesn’t exist and so I will not stress over it, I’m all about the present.

I know that if I do all I need to, all I can in this moment, I’ll arrive at this none-existing future, which by then would be the present and I’d take it as such.  A perfect gift, deigned and wrapped by living, doing and being in the moments, which by then will be known as the past.

In appreciating and utilizing all I can now, I can help create the tomorrow, that will make that today possible.

Join me in not planning on doing anything, because we’re already making it happen.  The future is now!!!

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