sein 5No, your eyes didn’t fool you, and no I’m not in New York- that my friends is a replica of the Statue of Liberty which the French gifted America.  This sister version of the statue in Paris, faces the Statue of Liberty in America, symbolizing the friendship between both countries.

Join me on aboard the bateaux mouches, as together we’ll view Paris via the seine.

You can take this boat tour either in the day or night and I suggest the latter, because it’s then that you truly see the magnificence of the city of light mirrored by the seine.

This famous river flows through the heart of Paris.

sein 1



This ride is for sightseeing and there’s much to see, tour Eiffel, museums, floating restaurants, discos,  cafes boat houses  (yes people live there), and the list goes on, or you could simply get lost in the mesmerizing singing of the steam, while the lights from the city above join the tiny waves for a waltz until the next day when the city sees the sun.

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Click below for the actual ride. I’m glad you’ve decided to join me! 🙂


Travel Vlog| Paris via the Seine


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