Whether we like it or not, this journey of life will end in death.  First, those around and then you or vice versa.

For those of us who believe in God and heaven; we will aspire to align our earthy existence with the directions from God, which will lead to life eternal. (A touchy topic for some, which I’ll deal with another time)

However, whether this is our belief or not, we will still die. Only we’d have wasted our lives with no chance for a second one.

You see, death is always lurking around corners, feasting at our tables, simply lying in wait to make this breath the last.

We just never know when.

As a result, I suggest that we stop stumbling around like zombies and embrace each waking moment as though our lives are required of us today!

If you don’t know how, let’s take a lesson or two from the dying.

What I know is that for most persons suffering from a terminal illness with merely months, sometimes only days to live, seek to introspect and then do all the things they wished they had done.

On their last leg of the race trying to live the life they should have all along. Don’t let this be your tale!

Don’t sit around waiting on the right time to do more than just exist; live as though you are about to die because the truth is – you are.

Sure there are persons who become overwhelmed by the nearness of the end and fall in utter despair. Imagine living an unfulfilled life and even at the end wasting the final moments.  Don’t be that person! 

However, take notes from those who grab hold of a new lease on life.

They set things straight.

… Forgiving, seeking forgiveness; becoming patient, kind, selfless, encouraging, strong, hopeful and accepting.

Believing like a child once again that there is “more good” in the world than it gets credit for.

They treasure each moment, knowing it could be the last, yet still hoping for another year, month, day, hour, minute or second to at least enjoy the simple pleasures of being alive.

They at their last, realize that true happiness and living aren’t to be pursued, as they both exist only now, in the present.

Be like those who greet death smiling, happy and proud of the life they forged.

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  1. Keneice lawson Reply

    Good read Ruthie! At this point in my life, I have come to learn and accept this too!

  2. Shelly-Ann Irving Reply

    Feeling inspired. This is a timely message girl. Thanks.


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