I love when the waves roll back.

There are even times when the tides stay out for days and boats once anchored in water sit atop cracked surfaces.  The overflow turns to drought.

I love it.

When as far as the eyes can see the last straw is being plucked; and faith must fight, rip and tear through the thick defense of fear.

When droughts become flood- flooding of my eyes with tears,

I smile.

When situations have gotten to the point of near desperation, where the normal man, the strong one all question God.  Times when those who don’t believe a God exists, start saying one must and He is unjust.

I prepare for it.

When hearts aren’t broken, they are crusted to miniscule bits and then scattered at sea.  Times when the decibel of screams abruptly plummets to muted whispers.

I say, ‘Let the bad times roll’.

I told you before, I love when the waves roll back, for when they return; you better be ready for a tsunami!


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  1. Beautiful and poetic. Just like the writer #LegsForDays 🙂


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