The moment I realised that the mission given to us by God, “to tell others about him” was as much for us as them; I paused to thank God even more.

Often we hear that it is in giving that we receive. Today, I’m a believer.

You see before, I thought the charge to “go in to ALL the world and teach the Gospel…” was simply to win souls for Christ’s Kingdom.  And while this is also a key part of the objective, that is not the whole reason at all.

God in His sovereignty, knows that in order to share (tell, teach) we must first have (knowledge).

I figured out God’s smartness while teaching English to persons who spoke another language.  You see, one would think that because English is my native tongue, I understand it fully and know exactly how to help others to become fluent.

Nope, not really.

To teach the language, I had to spend hours refreshing myself and in some instances, actually finally learning why we say what we do, the way we do.  I had a few ‘Aha’ moments.

Syntax and all the other fancy terms used to describe certain words and phrases once meant nothing to me.  But since I have to tell others, I had to understand fully.

I knew English, I could write and speak it fluently, but that wasn’t enough.

So it is with the word of God.  Sometimes we believe that because we read the Bible, pray, and understand just a few subjects we are experts on God.  Sadly, sometimes we can’t explain when asked why we worship God and aren’t even sure what to say about who he really is.

Like me, we have to refresh, relearn and sometimes unlearn our old beliefs so we can finally understand who God is by spending time in His word, and remaining in constant communion with Him.

The fact is that to teach persons, especially those who are just being introduced to another language, means clearly explaining why a subject must agree with its verb…. irregular verbs; conjugation; the importance of tenses among other things.

These little details I once took for granted, not just with English but with who God represents in my life and how He operates.

To clearly explain to others, I, myself first had to understand.

I’ve said all this to finally say, that as Christians we must not just tell people about God, but rather teach them about God’s love, who He is and His plans for all His children.  For this, basic information is not enough.

We must delve deeper, we have to move from being God’s neighbours to being His spouse.  We have to know His voice, listen to His words and be able to explain to others why God’s will is perfect.

Ministering brings us to the  feet of Jesus, and once there we are overwhelmed by His mercy and our hearts are moved to do His will, one of which is… “go into all the world and preach the Gospel, Baptising them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.”

Not tell, but teach, because anyone can tell, but in order to teach you must first know.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I do agree, we must first learn in order to teach but to make the command complete we must live. He that does the will of God is wise.

    Live for Jesus my dear, that’s what matters.

    • jradmin Reply

      This is so true Adrienne. It’s hard to lay at the feet of Jesus without living a life that reflects His.


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