I happened upon France and France happened to me.

You can’t come to France, Paris especially and not discover yourself, something or someone else.  Some recognise love, language, food, beauty and others finally find their home.

Me? I rediscovered myself; well a part of who I am.

France has made a writer out of me.  It’s a part of me that I have neglected for years.

But, I don’t know if it’s the many hours spent inside or the fact that sometimes I’m daunted by the communication barrier created by my basic French.

Maybe it’s the time difference. My mom, best friends and relatives are sleeping when I’m awake and vice versa.  And though I have made many new friends here, there is nothing to me like solitude. It’s mysterious, peaceful and best of all filled with only my energy and I ooze positivity.

What can I say, I’m outgoing but I love my own company.

Whatever it is though, it has led me to finally use the word document on my computer. Lol, seriously for a while it has just been there.

My first hard-drive crashed and all I lost were pictures and videos.

I was a hopeless case, until now.

Pleasure is found while pouring myself out onto the empty pages on my screen.  It’s as though years of words unspoken, unwritten now flood to the surface all fighting for a chance to be free. 

The gate is finally open- I’m letting my words go.

Have them dash and spray like the waves or simply lull as soft breeze.  Whether like tornados or a drizzle my thoughts will be shared with the world.

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  1. Glad to hear that Ruth. We all have hidden talents and gifts that we do not get a chance to use because of other demands that overcrowd our lives. But at the right time they are revealed. Keep it up.

  2. Kimarley Walker Reply

    Keep the fire burning now that it has been ignited… God made u special… Keep on keeping on….

  3. Robert David Shaw Reply

    I am always inspired by the flood of positive energy that you release, even in your simple writings or postings.
    It is always a breath of fresh and renewed hope. I have taken lessons from your recent post and I know that I will be seeing fruits in very short order.


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