Death fascinates me, scares and saddens me.  But mostly, it motivates me to truly live and to encourage others to do the same.

Today I watched a movie where a child died.  I cried, I hurt as though it were real and he was my child.   I found myself questioning whether I really wanted to love someone- a child, my child and then have that part of me ripped away by deaths merciless fingers.  Death scares me.

As I type this, I weirdly still feel the loss and emptiness of that child I never conceived.  My mind strays and I imagine the horror of losing those closest to me and I grow sad.  Death saddens me.

But what happens when we die… while we are dying?  I never truly understood death.  Being without life and conscious-what is that? Death fascinates me.

What I do know is that after death, there’s no chance to accomplish the goals and aspirations one had.  There’s no ‘doing tomorrow’ as you’ll never get another today.  Death or the prospect of it encourages and I dare say forces us to live now.  To fearlessly do all we can, while we can.  By taking many around us, it reminds us that we are not immortal but we can do now, be now the person whose legacy trumps death.  Death motivates me.

Death reminds me that time is an illusion and only NOW matters.


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